• “We heard about Ana Maria and her team from our architect, Michael Rex Associates, who thought we’d be a good fit. He was absolutely right! The Anamar team is not only talented and professional – they are a lot of fun to work with too. Ana Maria’s reputation for designing ‘comfort’ really spoke to us. Her great eye for color, scale, style and subtlety resulted in a beautiful renovation of our hotel. The Anamar team crafted a clean, calm, luxurious experience, which is exactly what our guests come here for.”
  • Mark Flaherty | General Manager
      Inn Above Tide
  • “We had the pleasure of working with Delgado Design (Anamar) for the guest rooms and suites during the renovation and restoration of The Mark Hotel in New York City for The Rafael Group Hoteliers of Monaco. The blend of sophisticated luxury blending classic European with a subtle Asian flair in a contemporary design was met by our brief to Delgado Design (Anamar). We would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that Delgado Design (Anamar) performed beyond our expectations, and delivered the end result on-time and within budget.”
  • –Raymond N. Bickson | Managing Director & CEO
      Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces
  • “Anamar brings a luxury residential feel to their hospitality work. The result is guest rooms that feel like the master suites of great coastal urban townhouses or homes. Ana Maria's clean yet luxurious design engenders relaxation and creates sensation without crossing into ostentation.”
  • Nyna Cox | Grace Marketing
      Healdsburg, CA
  • “After many years and many projects, I keep coming back to Ana Maria, because she’s the best! No other Interior Designer I know can create such elegant and livable residential and commercial interior spaces. Ana Maria finds that perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. With rich colors and textures, combined with clean lines, Ana Maria’s spaces are always inviting, comfortable, sensual and lasting. She’s a pro. She’s also nice.”
  • Michael Rex | Architect
  • “Ana Maria Delgado and her team transformed my San Francisco home from an outdated Victorian into a gorgeous blend of new and old. While maintaining the existing Victorian architecture they brought in local craftsmen/artists to build the master closet, light the entry with handmade glass fixtures and build custom furniture. They found timeless furniture and fixtures, and picked colors I love, as much today as the day they were selected. If you have the chance to see homes Ana Maria has designed, you will agree her talent speaks for itself. One more thing: she and her team are delightful to work with! They care about the final product as much as you do. Months after completion, Ana Maria called me while shopping for herself, having found the perfect towels at the perfect price for my guest bathroom – that’s dedication!”
  • J. Mathews | Residential Client
      San Francisco
  • “I’ve never enjoyed working with a designer as much as I enjoyed working on my home with Ana Maria. Ana captured the vision and aesthetic I was hoping for, creating a really special place that makes me smile every time I walk in the door.”
  • K. Belling | Residential Client
      San Francisco
  • “Working with my colleague is… working in a professional setting at the highest level. She brings special talents; a rare sensitivity and insight for creating the appropriate mood… Her sense of color and texture is unique… and not last is her attention to detail.”
  • George Homsey | FAIA Architect
      Esherick Homsey, Dodge and Davis Architecture
  • “Ana Maria possess a critical eye and impeccable taste… She recognizes the subtle balance between propriety and sensuality… key elements in my work.”
  • Dakota Jackson | Furniture Designer
      Dakota Jackson Inc.
  • “Beautiful, comfortable and understated! Ana Maria's design in both my homes is a reflection of my lifestyle, And keeping within the budget - she understands that too!”
  • C. Johnson | Residential Client
      San Francisco
  • “Ana Maria’s design contributions to our organization have been extremely well received. The timeless taste, collaboration of materials and colors are a major part of her work. And more so, she fully understands the personality of the projects and the owner’s intentions. She is truly a great talent.”
  • Lou Zarlenga
      De Bartolo Corporation
  • “Beauty and Style are not always the same – yet in the eyes and imagination of Ana Maria Delgado, they become indistinguishable. She discovers exquisite items of jewelry, antiques, clothing, sculpture, decorative arts and accessories – each of which is magnificent standing alone. Yet, going beyond the simple discovery, she integrates them in a way that can be compared to a painter who dazzles the world with dramatic and pleasing combinations of color, shape, texture, and composition. The difference is that people can actually live inside the world that Ana creates. Ana is the jewel in the lotus of her magical designs and offerings.”
  • Weems Westfeldt | Mentor & Ski Instructor
      Aspen Ski School, Diamond Session
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