Leading Anamar.

Ana Maria Delgado Portrait

Ana Maria Delgado

Principal Designer & Founder

“It is the intuitive harmony of all things that allows life within a space to flourish.”

Her perspective is her gift.

For Ana Maria Delgado, luxurious interior spaces are her subjects, and designing for the people who inhabit them is her passion. Born the daughter of a hotelier, Ana Maria closely observed her family’s business and lived each day enmeshed in exclusive, magnificent retreats and residences around the world. As a young girl, she lived along side her parents through design experiences like no other - including the creation of the Manila Hilton Hotel. Naturally, Ana Maria’s unique life encouraged her designer’s eye to come into sharp focus.

Her designs are her craft.

As founder of Anamar, Ana Maria has the unique ability to design with as much intimacy and intuition as a potter at the wheel. She is able to execute impeccable designs born from her appreciation of various aspects of life, blended with the intention of bringing her clients’ soul into their space. Tapping into her instinct and skill, she seamlessly allows the person and the place to exist harmoniously.

Her experiences are her toolkit.

Ana Maria’s approach to luxurious design is both inherited and earned. Throughout her travels through Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, her exposure to diverse cultures, assorted languages and fascinating individuals has offered her a unique life filled with memorable experiences. Her global perspective has given her the means to naturally blend concrete and intangible details to craft soulful, luxurious, sophisticated spaces. She intrinsically understands ‘living’ from every angle.

Her talent is her foundation.

Ana Maria substantiated her intuitive skills with practical experience, earning her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, and later pursuing a formal design degree at the San Francisco Academy of Art. With dual degrees in hand, and her life’s experiences, Ana Maria founded Delgado Design in 1989 and over the years, built a client list comprised of elite hotel and private residence projects around the globe. In 2011, Delgado Design evolved as Anamar.

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